Ways out from that dead-end job

Life starts looking a lot like hell if you hate what you do. That job you have, is it getting you down? Is it the most painful thing in your life? Does it make you want to shoot yourself? Then it’s time for a change. You heard me right; you can change even if your job is the most dead-end job you have ever seen.

It is quite natural to not get exactly what you want.The point is you make the best of what you got or move on. Now you have made the best of this dead-end job and it has literally drained you, so it’s time to move on, but how?

Think out of the box

You don’t necessarily have to stay in the same field just because your qualifications say so. You have to be brave enough to venture out of the box and explored the possibilities. You might even not realize it, but your job is not the only area your qualifications can apply to.

Most of us are unwilling to take risks, maybe you should move away from expecting a tight eight-hour sit-in job with a pension. It’s going to be risky, you might need to go back to school or spend a few bucks on a shiny résumé, but it’s worth it.

Don’t pull back

You are always your worst enemy. You want to get out of your dead-end job, you keep whining about it, but you are never ready to take the first step. “What if I hate it?”, “What if I am not seeing the full picture?”, and so many what ifs. Consider this, “What if you never leave, where would you be?”

Reach out

It is not the time to be moralistic; half of the population got their first jobs with a little nepotistic help. We all had Daddy’s or Mommy’s friends helping us, a friendly aunt with a vacancy. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. What you should worry about is not letting them down.

So ask around, make people know that you are looking out for a job. Try Facebook or Linked-in. Let them know what you are looking for, step out of the background and create your own picture.

Chat with your boss

This is tricky, you don’t want to seem patronizing, but you do want to explore possibilities in your work place before you take that large step out. Most employers are happy to cut down their recruiting but have to, because they do not know the talents under their umbrella.

Talking is the easiest way to let them know what you are capable of. However you need to time it see what areas in your work place interests you. Checkout the vacancies available and schedule a meeting with your boss.

One foot out

Maybe there is another way, see if you can make your job a part-time one; you can easily find another for the other half.