Student Entrepreneur: Time to balance your scale

So you are a student Entrepreneur? Do feel the need to add extra hours to the clock? Do you feel like you are missing out on life? Well you are not alone there are so many who had been both a student and an entrepreneur, what is more important is that they have balanced their lives and succeeded without having to compromise their health or social life.


Your life at university does not always come by, a business on the other hand could last a lifetime, but a good deal is not easy to get. So the first thing you need to do is make a list of priorities. What you want from life and organize it according to their importance.

The worst mistake is putting it off, the next is changing it your priorities too often. With time you might need to change them but not before that.

A to-do list

Once you have figures out what you want in life don‘t forget life has short-term goals, things you need to finish daily. It is best if you maintain a weekly schedule. In your schedule be precise, for instance don’t write “study”. You will be pulling your hair off wondering what to study. Remember to always add some ‘me-time’. It helps.

Sometimes schedules will have to be overlooked: try to cross that bridge when you get to it not before.

Ask for Help

One of the easiest things many fail to do is asking for help. If you are struggling at your university or even business you can go to your professors for help. They have passed your age; they might know how to help you. A teacher will always appreciate it more if they feel that you are giving life the best you have.

Dip in the pool

Collage is a pool of resources. You find people of different calibers and different strengths. Colleges organize various events, Best entrepreneur awards, employability awards; soft skills workshops and many more. These will help you meet like-minded people and expand your circle. It will also give you the contacts you need to boost your business while educating you.

Mix it up

A good way to combine university with business is to take some classes that will help you in your business like marketing communication for an instance or business management. This will help you in your studies as well. Your experience in the industry will help you get a better understanding about what is taught.


A social life is absolutely necessary. This does not mean being active on Facebook or twitter. Stretch your legs go out and meet people it will help you make business relations and connections. Television is the next best option. Don’t cut out on those T.V series they are relaxing, you might even understand a few business perspectives from them or see your life in them. Try a bit of sleeping: relaxation is the key to perform well.