How to talk politics at your workplace

Politics at office can go from fun to a seriously a fighting moment, depending on how your colleagues at office takes it. Simply if they take it personal then it will be a firing moment, which certainly shouldn’t be the case. You would have experienced such instances at your workplace. But how does one avoid arguments, resentment and even hatred while talking politics at the office?

It is clear that it is quite difficult to show the party that you support in front of the public, however we should be able to be civilized in the event of exchanging of ideas and analysis of the political candidates.

Understand Company Rules

It is very important to have a deep understanding of the company rules and regulations you are working for when the topic of politics arises. Since some political discussions are being prohibited in some organizations since it will lead to a path the workforce should not be heading towards.

Be Friendly & Lighthearted

Sharing ideas of the parties in contest is what you should be doing and not going into a harsh quarrel. If the political discussion is taking the face of a normal discussion to a serious firing moment then it’s time to take a good break.

Refrain From Discussing Heated Issues

Political discourse is welcomed, but that doesn’t mean you should investigate into debatable and heated issues. The simple chemistry when engaging in a political discussion should be to use your best judgment when entering into a political conversation and walk away when tension arise

Never Hide Your Opinions

Being honest with what you need to say of your supporting party needs to be stated without fear, it is wrong to hide personal opinions. Even if one of your client is supporting the opposite party, and has sound argument to prove himself doesn’t mean you should agree to what he says. If you have made a decision it is yours, it need not be influenced with someone else’s. Respect their part of opinion as well, while having your thoughts.

Make Fun of Both Sides

One of the best ways to ensure there is zero political animosity is to make fun of both sides. This will not lead to an arousal stage, but it’s wise to keep jokes to a certain limit, since too much of it can “pull someone else’s leg”

Avoid Running a Political Campaign

Make sure you do not bring the political campaign that you run during the weekends to your work place. This can lead to unwanted and uncalled arguments which can lead to bad working relationships with your peers.

You Know What? Some People Just Don’t Care

Have you noticed some people around you just ignoring political discussions? It’s just that despite all of the commercials, debates and door knocking, some people are uninterested about politics. You won’t be able to get into a debate or conversation as they’re indifferent about elections, campaigns and politics in general.