How to enhance workplace productivity? The 8 tips that Actually Work…

Productivity is one single word you always here in the corporate world today with the ever advancing technology and competition. Dozens of e-mails falling on your inbox, breathtaking challenges and pressure from the heads, one wrong move you make could push you to the end of the unemployment line.

Embrace Fear

Face your fear, challenge it by stepping out from your comfort zone. Certainly it is a difficult task, but the more you experience it the easier it will get. First you need to numb yourself to face whatever the challenge and secondly you will realize that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.


Procrastination will certainly back fire you with overloaded tasks. If you have got a laundry list of tasks, it is wise to go ahead with the easy ones to finish and focus on the big ones afterwards. Getting the little things done first prepares you mentally for the more monumental tasks.

Don’t Praise Your Talents

Talent in a specific area is not a born miracle, it is simply a practiced miracle and the effort you had invested to achieve it. So you think you can’t invest an effort on accomplishing another talent? Certainly you can, admire your dedication and not your performance.

Work Less

Technology have answered this question, they say “worker smarter, not harder”. It’s alright to use technology to create short cuts of accomplishing your tasks. At the end of the day results matter and not the method you used to generate the results. Time is the most important factor, which you need to invest in doing things faster.

Say “No”

The chemistry is the less you have on your plate, the more energy you’ll be able to focus on completing each task in front of you. You should be flexible enough to say the word “no”, if the task cannot be done and certainly it will not categorize you as an underachiever. But if by chance you say “yes” for once they will expect you to do favors then and there, which places a question mark on your productivity.

Stay Connected

Well there is absolutely no mistake if you have signed in to social media while accomplishing your work goals. Not just social media, it is always good to stay connected if not you will be losing tons of opportunities which you could utilize in enhancing your levels of productivity.

Don’t Visualize Your Goals

By imagining yourself attaining a certain goal, you unintentionally trick your mind into thinking you’ve already accomplished it.

Attempt Something Knowing You’ll Fail

“Fail” is never treated as a negative word in the corporate world. It simply means that it can be done better. It is important to try new ways of accomplishing tasks and bringing in new concepts, there is not limit for success, never be moderate since it is alright to be a little weird.