Three ways to add some fun into conversations with kids

Sometimes you wonder how your children can ‘yakety-yack’ so much with their friends and have so little to say to you. Trying to get your child to communicate with you is essential, but it is also very hard.

Here are a few ways to bridge the gap between you and your kids.

1. Make it funny

Making your conversations funny it helps you break the ice between you and your child. Children love it when you act silly. They can see the humor in the slightest things.

Start off with simple things, maybe tap into some of their favorite cartoon characters, and maybe mimic their voices. Kids would love it.

Soon they will start talking to you when they feel you will understand them. You will soon be able to know what they like and what their little minds fear.

2. Let them ask the questions

Kids questions are not always fun, some of them might even seem inappropriate. However the key is to let your child see that you are here with him to talk. When you slowly break down the ice, your child will be more open with you. Make sure he knows that he is free to ask anything, nothing is off limits, even embarrassing things. This will allow them to admit things they are ashamed of.

Little kids love asking rather silly questions. They are aware it is silly. They might repeat questions for the fun of. Do not lose your patience. Give it a try yourself. Maybe you and your child will get a rare chance of sharing a laugh.

3. Make a game out of it

What better do children like more than games? It is by far the best way to communicate. The child is comfortable and feels like it is not serious. You are his playmate so he will trust you. Therefore it might lead the child to give you honest answers for questions you casually put forward.

There are so many communicative games that you can play with your child.

  • Twenty questions Children love this. They have heard older kids playing it. Introducing it to your kids makes them feel like you respect them. It will also help you ask some of the questions that is nagging you. However you too will have to do a fair amount of answering. This gets your child closer to you.
  • If you have teenagers maybe a game of truth or dare would help ease the tension. Make sure you establish that each player has only a few dares. Do not refuse to answer a truth question,.

  • A simple game of snakes and ladders. Kids love this so when they are having fun playing it, you can discretely strike up a conversation.

  • Hot –seat, when you can take turns sitting on the hot-seat for a certain time answering question.

There are so many ways to get your child to think you as the fun parent.