Making your Husband feel loved – 2

Every man feels and receives love in different ways, so not all of these ideas are going to work for you, but at least a few of them will!

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Catch him doing good

Nagging doesn’t work, so make sure you catch him doing good. Often.

Offer compliments like, “Thanks for taking the garbage out,” or “I love how thoughtful you are,” or “You really are the best dad to our kids,” or “Your muscles were just made to be my hero and carry in the groceries, and I appreciate your help so much!”

Initiate sex more – and be more playful and romantic

Show him you want him and need him as much as he wants and needs you. Write him a letter

Or leave him a note, or send him a text. Your little reminders of love and appreciation go a long way in encouraging him and helping him feel loved. He needs to know you care and that you are thinking about him.

Plan a day that he would love – for just the two of you

Maybe you start by kidnapping him and taking him to breakfast, or by letting him sleep in, giving him a massage and breakfast in bed.

Make the whole day special, and he will feel loved and appreciated. Or, if you are feeling extra ambitious, plan a surprise getaway for the two of you.

Honor your roles

No matter your family dynamic, you and your husband both have roles in and out of the home. So honor yours, whether that means doing your half of the chores (and maybe his, just because), or taking the dog to the vet, or picking up that thing he needed for work – honor your role.

Tell him often how handsome he is

Say things like, “You always look so great when you wear that shirt,” or, “Man, you are a hunk,” or “My favorite thing about you is your smile.”

He needs to hear those things, too. He needs to know you are still super attracted to him.

Compliment him often in front of others

His friends and family need to know what a good husband, provider and man he is. Let them know your husband is your hero, but don’t be too cheesy about it.

Be quick to say you are sorry

Just do it. When you can recognize that you have hurt his feelings, or said something rude, your ability to quickly ask for his forgiveness will help him feel loved and respected. Be humble and just say those two little words.

Surprise him with that gift/gadget he has been wanting forever

Or, if he isn’t a gift kind of guy, find a way to serve him. Maybe you could clean his car and fill it with gas, or iron his shirts. Or maybe even mow the lawn. Whether you buy a gift or serve him in a non-monetary way, he will feel loved and grateful that you were thinking of him.

Ask for his advice, and then follow it

Guys like to fix things, and they often have wise (and realistic) insight into ways of overcoming challenges and problems. It would be wise to show your husband how much you love him by taking his advice, and then thanking him for it later. He’ll really appreciate it, and be more likely to give advice only when you ask, because he’ll know you care about what he thinks and will take his advice to heart.