Is your love life in trouble? Could your cell phone be the victim?

Have you wondered if the cause to be is your heavy usage of your cell phone when your partner is accompanying you? Well, according to recent study too much time spent with your cell phone could have a stake on your love life.

Here me out clearly when I say, your partner will truly get offended and will not like it when you spend a lot of time on your cell phone when you both are together. It simply shows disrespect, you might have to consider this.

According to a research they named the usage of cell phones when their partner was around as “phubbing”, which created unwanted conflicts resulting poor relationship chemistry. This poor chemistry gives rise to lower levels of satisfaction in having the relationship leading to a rise in higher levels of depression which is certainly a very sad story.

But you might wonder why such cell phone issues arise when trust and understanding between partners are present. However on a psychological note avoidance of your partner and giving priority to the phone call or message makes him/her feel neglected, which is quite heart breaking. Although people assume a phone call or message is no big deals to make a fuss, a recent survey proves that it is not the case. Findings states that the times couples spend are interrupted by one individual attending to his/her cellphone, creating a momentof dissatisfaction by the other partner giving a question to the entire relationship.

Therefore if you are opting for a sound functioning relationship with attention, it is important to be aware of the interruptions caused by cellphones which could cause unwanted complications to your relationship. The best is to have the balance you need to live every single moment of your life, may it be corporate life or personal life.