“I love you darling”?

Have you realized that little things you do, can make your spouse fall so deep in love with you over and over again?

Here are the 9 things that will tell you how:

Comfortable car temperature

Pampering for comfort is a cute approach you can do. During times of cold weather make sure you turn on the heater to create a cozy feeling. During hot days placing a cold water bottle and turning up the air conditioner, are the best to keep things easy.

Spontaneous massage

Offering an unplanned back, hand or foot massagewill make your spouse comfy and so lovable. Thinking of your spouse’s comfort is a precious thought, giving the feeling of an unexpected gift especially after a heavy day.

Make early plans

With busy lifestyles, time is difficult to be managed creating delays and little arguments due to rush. Make life comfortable, have the “to-do-list” planned and leave your house 20-30 minutes in advance. This will helpavoid the last minute hazel and rising of voices.

Make a meal

Appreciate and surprise your spouse by giving the best dish you can, a dish you have tried new, a dish personalized with ingredients your spouse loves. This will impress your spouse even more, send this to his/her work place or sit and taste the meal accompanying a romantic atmosphere. Don’t you think the feeling will be amazingly beautiful, when he/she knows your thoughtfulness?

Know your spouse’s preferences

Does your wife prefer movies that are romantic to horror? Keep posted with her favorite movies that are going to be on screen soon, book tickets for the premier show, this will impress her. If your husband loves cricket, update to him the latest news in the field and be informed of the match schedulesso you can drive him in and make it a surprise.

Support hobbies

Keep interests open and support each other’s even after marriage, it is important to keep the bond strong. Enjoy each other’s hobbies; this will help you learn hidden talents of your spouse that you had not known. Don’t say “no”, just accompany and give him/her the feeling you are always there.

Express your love

Saying “I love you” have been a very traditional notation, be more unique. Say why you love him/her. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me”, “I am happy you are with me through thick and thin” are little phrases that adds value for your love.

Take care of each other

Be a supportive hand, taking care adds a major part for the love that you express. Taking care can also be for physical needs and not only emotional, like picking ups, accompanying for events.

Be accessible to each other

Devote attention to one another; it can be a dinner out, playing a board game or even a movie night at home with a bowl of popcorn and beer. Be present for one another having options open and spending a relaxed time.