How to break off from that terrible relationship?

Can you imagine the guy whom you badly need to get over calling you in the middle of the night and when you ignore drops a message on the other side? Can men be that annoying, of course they say men are like drugs, hard to quite. They can ruin your life and turn you into a thirst of addict.

Men love playing games, that’s the highlight you need to engrave in mind. They try and pin the game they are playing over women, but women aren’t about the games unless it’s trying to get them to a more stable position.

So, now how to get over the game is certainly the most difficult part. I am sure you will be with me when I say women fight till the last letter. But sometimes defeat is needed for your own betterment.

So, how do you let go of the guy who won’t let you go?

Don’t think of the good; think only of the bad

If you are that typical woman who only remembers the good and not the bad, you are certainly a loser, since you will only wonder why you are trying to get away from him. You need to be strong and practice recalling all those times he was not there for you and the times he didn’t care.

Find anyone else

Give yourself a chance to think of someone else, even if the guy who asked you out is not as handsome as the one you dated previously. He should be much better as a person, give yourself the call that you deserve someone much better.

Give yourself the same advice you give your friends

It’s a natural situation that we tend to give advice to our friends on such topics; however we fail to advice ourselves. Simply if you saw your friend losing herself to a guy who is treating her wrong, you’d tell her to just forget and move on, apply the same on yourself.

Throw yourself into yourself

Loneliness is a difficult moment to bear up, but it needs to be undergone by you until you feel comfortable again. Instead of throwing yourself at the next guy, throw yourself at the next thing that’s just for you.

Pay attention to his actions, not his words

If you really like him and don’t want to let him go, and need to give a second chance you can do so as long as you have the defense in your hands. Pay attention to his actions, when his words no longer match his actions, then it’s time to move on.

Stop thinking you need him

If he isn’t your type and if he doesn’t give you the happiness and comfort you are expecting, why do you need to waste yourself thinking of such a person. And just because your friends have boyfriends and your mom is expecting a wedding doesn’t mean you need to rush.