Do you think he likes me? Find out using the 10 signs if he loves you

Love is the most precious moment that comes into our lives, it needs to be protected and cuddle in our heart making it only ours. Include the 10 signs to your check list to find if that someone has feelings for you or if he loves you.

1. He looks out for you everywhere

Have you heard of love at first sight? Whether you are walking among a huge crowd, or if you’re the only person walking on a sidewalk on an evening sun setting he is searching for you. And when the eyes meet finally he simple gives that sweet smile saying “I’ve finally found you”.

2. With you, he’s happily unhappy

How sweet does a relationship make when he says seeing you makes me happy even after a heavy day at work. Of course it is not about giving a false look, but it is just that love cannot be overtaken by any form of frustrations.

3. He’s a really good sport

A couple sharing their interests, working together with what each other love doing builds a strong bond. Doesn’t mean you need to have the exact same interests. He might love playing basketball but he will accompany and dance with you at your favorite jazz class.

4. You’re his priority

No matter how busy he might be, he will make it a promise to be with you during thick and thin. Your happiness and good health is his as well, you come in first and he sees only you, he will always say “lean on me”.

5. To him, you have two good sides

If you feel awkward about a small mistake you did, he would take it as a virtue. He will always want you to feel the same way he feels about you. The fact that you are not perfect gives him the reason to love you.

6. He’s focused — on you

He is much focused, will pay attention and will look directly into your eyes to what you do and say no matter whoever is around.

7. He’s a cheerleader

He will give you the backbone of confidence if you have lost hopes in anything. He will be the support and courage to achieve the height you want to go, not for anything else but he doesn’t like to see your smile fading away.

8. His eyes don’t lie

His eyes speak just the language of “love”, he may not be the person who says “I love you”, but his eyes spark the light of love when he sees you.

9. He’s no Pinocchio

His tongue doesn’t bend down to tell a lie in front of your eyes. Since you have trust in your better half’s building an open and honest conversation is not “rocket science”.

10. You’re on his clock

Spending few minutes during lunch and evening tea will just make his day, since you are his priority.