7 Things to Do When Your Marriage is Suffering

The biggest mistake we do is assuming that marriage is easy. Yes it gives you time with each other, but it is also a lot of responsibility. Don’t get me wrong marriage is a beautiful thing and is one of the things you can cherish throughout your life.

However nothing is perfect. Marriage means you would have to balance work, your home, the food situation, housekeeping, personal space, family obligations and many more. Things will only get harder when kids come around.

Therefore it is quite natural to feel stressed and in tension. This however will cause many marriages to face conflict. The following are seven things you can do to help save your marriage.

Together time.

Kids constantly get in the way, leaving you little or no space at all to have some ‘together time’. Yet to have a healthy marriage it is absolutely necessary to find time to spend together. Plan ahead; drop your children off at your relatives. Now you can use this kid-free time to bond and grow. Don’t do the mistake of logging on to Facebook. If possible switch off your phones and let your self have a deserving break together.

Blameless communication.

When you’re already having problems you will find it hard to communicate with your spouse without getting into a series of arguments. Blaming each other will not help you build up your marriage. So settle yourself into a small discussion where you and your spouse will agree to be patient.

Be intimate.

Don’t let your busy schedule come between you two. Your work and everything is less important than your family. So do not allow yourself to drift away from your spouse. Make it a point to always share everything in your life with him, he will return the favor.

Remember why you love him.

Always remind yourself that you married him for a reason.

Do not overthink.

Most of the problems you think you have maybe just in your head. Maybe your spouse is not even aware of all the second guessing you make about what he does. If he brings you a gift, it is not because he wants an impossible favor, it because he loves you. Do not overthink unnecessarily. When you are married, there is so much to think about.

Prioritize your spouse.

Do not let him feel like he is the second most important thing in your life. Do not take his kindness for granted. He gave you freedom to choose not so that you can exploit it. He is your first priority.

Understand each other’s unique way of loving.

Each of us has a different ‘love language’. That is to say we show our love differently. Some of us might love showing grand gestures of love while others are more subtle in their act of loving. You should learn to recognize what your spouse does to you out of love.