Ten habits that deserves the tag “Bad husband”

Of course you are good husband; I am not saying you are. However there are so many men who feels the need to pain their wife just feel superior or because it doesn’t match up to his expectations. Remember she is your better half and needs to be treated respectfully.

Below are ten awful habits that bad husbands do, if you see yourself represented, you know what to do.

They Criticize

Remember your wife is only human, she can make mistakes. Think of yourself, don’t you ever make mistakes? I am sure your wife can name a ton. Is it really worth it, hurting your wife’s feelings just to say she is doing something wrong? Expand your scope, see what she is doing right, turns out there is a lot. Compliment her instead of criticizing her at every turn

I’m the Boss.

You are in a marriage my dear not a job, no one is the boss. Let your wife make decisions. She is fully capable of understanding what to do without following your instructions. If you feel like criticizing her decisions always remember you were one of them.

Objectifies her

She is a thinking feeling human being not something you brought to fulfil your every desire. Show some respect.

Doesn’t acknowledge her.

Always remember you are not alone and miserable because you have her. She needs to know the same about you. Please don’t do the mistake of neglecting her. Who is it that cares for you and is there for you, give her some time, allow yourself to see her more clearly.

Be intimate with her sexually, she reserves her body only for you, respect her for it. Treat her tenderly allow her to share with you.

Using filth

Who told you that it was manly? It only reflects bad upbringing. There is no worse turn off than throwing unpleasant words at your beautiful wife. It is that one ticket to get her to disrespect you.

Watching Porn

You need help if this is an addiction, and don’t insult your wife’s intelligence by trying to hide porn. Try to keep your eyes away from other women, maybe use that time to see how beautiful your wife is.

Unrealistic expectations

This is not a perfect world so time to lower the bar of your expectations. If you can compare so can she. Don’t break down her esteem, your only strong when she is strong and confident.

Lazes around

You have a wife, she is not your servant, your salary doesn’t amount to the work she does around the house. So help out, a marriage lasts only if you share.

Throws a tantrum

You are not a baby. Screaming and shouting at your wife is unhealthy for your marriage. Have some self-control, behave!


Your wife knows, she might bare it, but she knows so don’t lose your perfect life over fling.