Let’s take the kids out

Well we have all had that experience of kids embarrassing you at a nice sit-in meal or even in that rusty looking new bakery or eating house in your neighborhood. However it is not so hard to avoid being the center of attention when you go out.With a little patience and practice, any child could be sufficiently trained to avoid screeching or using their table utensils as sticks of a drum.

‘Shut-up and eat’

This is one of the first rules we all learn as a child. Now kids would hardly understand how this could work, neither would they understand ‘ speak quietly’ therefore practice at home prior to your outing.Teach them and show them that they could be heard when they speak softly. When your kid burps, or even start spelling words using burps: you know you’re in a real world nightmare, so the kids need to be taught that it is impolite and quite disgusting to everyone around them. They wouldn’t believe you as it is funny but it’s necessary you try to convince or even enforce.

“Don’t eat with both hands”

It is not easy for toddlers to eat using utensils and they are not expected to. Yet the child could be trained not to paw his food or shovel it into his mouth. They should be taught how to use one hand and even that, only the tip of the fingers. Even with a lot of prior training kids may forget and try to grab a handful of food, it is necessary that he is aware of a sign that will let him know that his mother is watching him. The noisy drumming with table utensils is the next nightmare we expect to see, thus it is also handy to have a small toy to give when the service is delayed.

“Darling sit still!”

It is a blessing that most children adore the high chair, however it won’t stop them from trying to reach out for objects on the table, which might even involve them getting on the table. This should be trained at home, make a game out of passing the food so that the child learns how to ask for something. It is also necessary to train your child not to run around the restaurant. It is our dearly wish that the restaurant has a play area but all wishes don’t come true.Thus it is important that they are not allowed to do so as it can harm the child as well.

“Don’t play with your food!”

Now training children eating etiquette is not impossible. The young,love to mimic their elders so practice how to lay the napkin on the lap and how wipe the mouth with it. Do not allow them to play with their food.Show them how to push the curry leaves, cardamom and what-not to the side of the plates. It is easier if these etiquettes are practiced at home.