Invited for a formal event and thinking how to groom yourself?

Follow the etiquette for formal wear attire

Fashion just like technology is ever advancing and very volatile, meaning you certainly have to be informed of. But the most important thing in fashion is doing fashion to fit your figure and your personality. Out of the range of outfits you wear, grooming yourself for a formal even is the most exciting out of the lot. Before listing what to wear you need to read the invitation to decide appropriately. And dress yourselves in the most elegant outfit to shine when you walk up here.

Long Dresses

You should not wear a dress that has a casual look, which is certainly the first thing that you need to engrave in mind. Ideally the dress needs to be in floor length to give that fully embrace rich look of a formal dress. Most appropriately a silk or laced material with glamorous accessories will make a sound blend. You need to give a red light of dresses that are too open and avoid wearing white in the case of a wedding unless the invitation specifies.


A formal suit attire is all what takes to bring a man who extra smart look during a formal function. The even and the specifications on the invitation if any needs to be thought before deciding if you are going to a simple suit or a tuxedo. So long as men wear dark hued, neat suits with a tie, there should be no question about the appropriateness of the clothing.


There are numerous types of footwear available in the market place, which doesn’t mean you could wear any of it for a formal gathering. Simple you need to avoid wearing sandals, which gives a very casual look for such a formal occasion. Women of course need to wear a nice pair of embellished heels matching the dress. For women who are unable to wear heels, an embellished, closed toe flat shoe will be best. For men, black or dark brown leather dress shoes are the absolute best way to go.


Wear accessories that will help it enhance in taking a value addition to your dress making it a unique creation. Men would do well to top a suit off with a pair of polished dress shoes, shiny cuff-links and a timeless wrist watch. Women can complete their look by pairing a simple, elegant dress with accessories, like a show-stopping pair of heels, a statement clutch and/or large chandelier earrings. Best is to go with simple and elegant accessories with charming makeup and a loose hair style or a simple up do hairstyle will give a charming you.