How to announce your engagement

For an engagement, it’s more a matter of good sense than set rules about who you tell in what order. According to tradition, the bride’s parents are told first, but that’s because historically they had to gird their loins to pay for the thing. Then come the groom’s parents, both sets of grandparents, siblings, other close relatives and then your friends.

But tell your news in whatever order suits you. Families can be scattered and disjointed, and you should share your news first with those you love and care about the most. The only rule is to make sure that children from previous marriages, especially if they’re still young, don’t hear your news from other people. Tell them yourselves, face to face if you can.

How to announce your engagement?

Text it

It’s not very personal and likely to be pounced on as not good form, but texting makes life easier if you don’t want to speak to anyone but want them to hear the news. For example, let’s say you are marrying a Colombian drug lord and your parents don’t approve, or the groom – to – be’s divorce hasn’t quite come through yet, or just because you hate fuss.

Go digital

Facebook, twitter, websites and e-mail announcements are cool if all your family and friends are on them. You can send out an e- announcement or e- card, or create your own wedding website page and e-mail links to everyone.

Surprise !

Throw a party where you announce your engagement. A fun option and good practice for the wedding.

Do it the old- fashioned way

Announce your engagement in the paper or send out cards. If you want to follow the etiquette for formal announcements, the name of the groom comes first, followed by his parents’ names and where they live, then the bride’s name and her parents’. You could also include a line about where and when you got engaged. If you are including a picture, follow these guidelines… at the minimum, you should BOTH look good and hands shouldn’t be wandering anywhere you don’t want your parents to see.