Go all White

Going all white seems downright disastrous if you have kids, you think of the muddy fingers the food splotches and those unrecognizable patches that seem to emerge from nowhere. It’s time we think differently: white is a perfect colour to give your house that crisp chic look you so desire. As an added bonus it should be known that white can calm kid’s mentality.

White walls

Now white is not a single colour. There are many hues of white. Venture into a paint store go through the white catalogue, you will see warm hues of white with shades of pink, red or coral. You will also see cooler tones of blue or green.

You can choose to paint your living room, hall, and kitchen with a warm hue of your choice. For your bedroom and bathroom it is wiser to choose a cooler hue so that it can provide you with some relaxation.

Now smudges are inevitable when you use white, it is best if you texture your coats of painting. Be innovative. If you can find wallpaper you can cover the wall and paint over the pattern so that your wall will look creatively painted.

Drape your window

Choose your style. White can look elegant and it can look casual so keep these in mind when buying curtains for you window. It is important that you go for a material that is less of a hassle. Avoid the ‘dry clean only’ labels. A crumpled looking material will save you a lot of ironing time, plus it will give your house a comfortable chic look.

It’s also fine to add a bit of colour. Go for a neutral hue and speckle that colour over your house with accessories..


All your furniture need not be white. It is quite difficult to find all-white furniture, unless you opt for garden furniture for indoor use. White covers on your cushions or even a shade of white can do marvels for the whole look.It is however necessary to buy washable material that could be easily cleaned.


All white is fine. But a bit of colour may not harm your house. But it is best to stick to the light colours when accessorizing your home. A beautiful silver, a dusty gray or a silver blue or green could be the ideal colour choice.

You can try a nice soft white fur material speckled with a little gray as a rug to place under your coffee table. A few white stones in a gray bowl, a silver vase with light pink flowers and a beautiful minimalistic painting infused with darker shades of gray on a white background and a simple black frame.

These items can add a little splendor to that snowy white house of your dreams. White usually gives a very spacious feel, so try not to over accessorize. Keep most of your glass and ceramic-ware out of reach from children. Let the beauty of white lights things up.