Formal wear that you ladies, would want to consider…

Have you ever been confused of what to wear and what not to wear when attending formal functions? I am sure you would have under gone such instances. You may have a professional event, a wedding, or a charity function to attend and need something appealing to dress. Familiarizing on formal wear etiquette is vital. Since you need to follow your own tastes and preferences to feel comfortable and look beautiful.


Types of formal attire from long ball gowns, shorter formal dresses, evening suits and cocktail dresses are the types you can choose to fit in. Full-length gowns can range from quite simple to very elaborate. Ball gowns typically have a very full skirt, while evening gowns are more fit to the body dresses and may expose more skin. Cocktail dresses can range from tea length to short.


Before you decide on what you are to wear make it a point to scan through the invitation to see if they have specified a formal wear etiquette. If the invitation states white or black tie, a formal gown is required, but a ball gown or evening gown is equally appropriate. If the invitation is black tie optional, a gown, a formal suit or a cocktail dress is appropriate. If he is wearing a dark suit, you can also choose to dress down, but if he is wearing a tuxedo, choose a more formal dress.


You need to make your choices right, it will help to enhance your personality at the formal event. For most women, a tea length cocktail dress is a sound choice. Choose a cut and fit that suits your body making sure it’s appropriate for the occasion. In terms of materials satins or silks are ideal anytime of the year and helps make a good blend with comfort.


The right accessories can make a formal outfit shine. Go for a glittery set of accessories and a rich pair of heel if your dress is simple and black, this blend gives a good posture at a formal function. Or if your dress is slightly too dressy dress go for a very simple set of accessories. Keep in mind that your shoes and accessories should complement your dress. And finish your grooming for that occasion with a small satin or beaded clutch purse.

Hair and Makeup

To give value to what you have worn make sure you do a decent job with your hair. Go for professional hair styling, since you need to make sure your hair stays the same from time in to time out. If you are thinking of doing it yourself, choose a style that will hold well and one you at good at. Evening makeup is appropriate with formal wear, but choose one feature to emphasize and make sure that your makeup and dress work together well. Make sure to take a lipstick and compact to refresh your makeup if needed.