Feeling annoyed with the Mud Stains on Satin Heels?

You must have experience in wearing shoes made out of different kinds of materials. Well, I am sure who would have found certain materials to be annoying, perhaps if it was a hard materials bringing shoe cuts at the end of the day or difficult to clean. Among the number of materials used satin is a commonly used fabric on shoes, especially for high heels. Although it would be great to walk on perfectly clean surfaces, unfortunately that’s not feasible. But don’t give up on your satin heels if you get dirt or mud on them.

So, how to clean all the mud and dirt on your satin heels?

The following is all what you need:

  • Clean cotton cloth
  • Cold distilled water
  • Hand soap
  • Basic Cleaning

Step 1

Brush the heels well using the clean cotton cloth removing all the dried up mud, ensuring that all the extra dirt is cleaned off well too.

Step 2

Use a corner of your cloth and dampen with cold distilled water and gently give a dab to the satinuntil it’s clean.

Step 3

Dab the satin heel with the dry portion of cloth. Don’t rub the material.

Heavy-duty Cleaning

Step 1

Take the corner of your moist cloth and apply a dab of hand soap and form a mild lather by rubbing the cloth together.

Step 2

Rub the dirty portion of the satin material only, following the direction of the grain.

Step 3

Remove soap by blotting it with a wet section of your cloth.

Step 4

Blot dry the satin with a clean, dry cloth. Don’t air-dry, it will probably leave water spots that you’ll have to remove.