Dress up for Semi-Formal

Formal wear advice is never scarce it is a bit tricky when it comes to ‘semi-formal’ it is always hard to walk in the middle path, and there is always the risk of being either overdressed or under dressed. But the rule is simple enough to follow, you dress to impress and your look is the key to the best impression.

The Ladies

A little black dress is the best option when you are in doubt and the next best, if you have the time to spare is a cocktail saree with a fashionable jacket. It shouldn’t be overly glamorous with sequins and beads but simple and stylish. A cocktail dress with a nice floral print or a short tight skirt with a matching top could also do the trick. A silky or lacey material will make your appearance look elegant and beautiful. If you are in your mid-thirties and a saree is an unnecessary hassle: a nice hand-loom sarong-kit that matches the tone of your skin will give you a very elegant outlook. Most of us prefer the comfort of trousers. It always helps to have a pair of loose silk pants, a dressy blouse over it and you would be good to go. As tights are in fashion a lovely long flowing top along with a pair of tights would help in creating an impression.

The Gentlemen

Men are always treated by most articles as an afterthought. However it is very important for a man to dress well. It has become extremely common for young men to wear slim fit trousers of vibrant colours, this by no means would do for a semi-formal outing. It would be more elegant to wear a trouser with a short-sleeved shirt tucked in. Choose the colour according to the tone of your complexion a dark person shouldn’t necessarily where pink. If you opt to wear long sleeves you can also opt to unbutton the collar button.


It is a semi-casual event those high heels that hurts are not a must. A comfortable classy look is what you aim for so wobbling up and down in your painful heels might not give you the look you want. A small heel or a fashionable wedge would give you that elegance you want to show. Men should by all means avoid wearing sneakers. A nice polished leather pair to match your belt would give you impeccable elegance.


The easiest way to jazz up your outfit is to accessorize. However try to avoid heavy jewelry with colourful and patterned outfits. A simple necklace or small tussles would take you a long way. A long pearl necklace with that boring black dress will class up your look. Suspenders are the latest item for men. This can be risky as it could be too casual but can also be classy if you can pull it off. A simple tie or an interesting tie for a dull colored shirt would be impeccable.