Art of Conversation

Conversation is a conversing method which has its own art attached. You have different way of conversing with your friends; it is therefore an art that is unique. The art of good conversation is essential to elegance. It is an art of exchanging a thought.

The Good Conversationalist

To be a good and sound communicator you need not have to know the entire dictionary, neither do you need to have sound experience nor you need to be a born chatter box. Simply if you know the subject in question conversing about it will come from beneath, it is a give and a take situation.

We’ve all see the WORST types:

  • The one who never stops talking. Your turn to speak never comes.
  • The one who interrupts.
  • The one who always argues.
  • The one who has no opinion.
  • The one who sounds rude
  • The one who asks too many questions.

You don’t have to worry if you fall among this check – list, simply said we all do fall somewhere. The point is to learn and master in being a good conversationalist.

What is your word worth?

Knowing what you speak is essential, if you cannot incorporate a justification you would probably fail. An elegant woman knows her words are worth something, which reflects her character. Keeping your word is a good thing but the essence of your words are important too.

Don’t Panic!

If you feel awkward in seeing the crowd, in seeing total strangers don’t panic, you simply need to take one step at a time. Most conversational errors are committed not by those who talk too little but by those who talk too much. If you think your mind is frozen to say anything ask a few general questions and be sure to pause saying, “Hmmm”. Hence when you ask several general questions the rapport that you build with the strange crowd makes you talk leading to an interesting topic/s. You can also ask for their opinions and ideas making it a total engagement. Practicing in such a manner will help you to develop and help you to talk more.

Less Talk, More Listening

Listening In the Art of Conversation

  • Really listen.
  • Look at the person when he/she is talking and pay attention
  • Don’t interrupt.
  • Don’t give advice.
  • Rely on sincerity, clarity and intelligent choice of subject.

Are You Giving A Speech?

A good conversationalist will make sure there is a sound engagement for ideas and suggestions. For instance, if there are three participants in a conversation and the one who talks more than one-third of a time isn’t having a conversation but giving a speech. It shouldn’t be the case, there needs to be a considerate communication.