Advice is great

But, when it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion and we are bombarded with well- meaning suggestions. So, we rounded up the experts to ask what their single most important piece of wedding guidance would be.

The health and beauty editor

“Don’t make any drastic hair or cosmetic changes close to your wedding and avoid facials the week before because they can make you break out.” says Erin Flaherty of Marie Claire

The cake designer

“I love making cakes for special occasions, but let’s not forget that a cake is a cake; it’s the marriage or relationship that is the most important” says Ron Ben – Israel

The photographer

“ I can’t overstate the importance of good posture,” says Ian Martin, whose award – winning work has appeared in Rolling Stone and the New Yorker. “ The most flattering thing anyone can do for herself is stand., or sit up, straight.”

The wedding planner

“Do fewer things and do them fabulously,” says Lindsay Landman. “ Just focus on what’s important to you. So often I see couples trying to do too much…. Cram every color palette, type of music, and style of food and flowers into one six- hour event. There isn’t enough time or space for them or their guests to enjoy any of it!”

The makeup artist

“Beware of concealers that have light – reflecting properties,” says Amanda Wright. “They look beautiful in daylight, but you’ll look like a panda in all your photos that use flash!”

The florist

“Choosing flowers in season is hands down always the best way to go. Aside from being green or budget friendly or any of the buzzwords, seasonal flowers simply look the best” says Liza Lubell.

After party

This is where the drunk get drunker, tears start flowing (that’s just the bride), the desperate are on the hunt, and the really bad drinkers either pass out or get ejected. Yes, the good old after-party.

Should you plan one in advance ?

If your venue is asking for an early finish and you know everyone will be in full swing just as the lights come up, yes. If your guests aren’t big parties or all have young kids, let it happen spontaneously, rather than plan another bash when everyone will be ready for bed.