To all multitasking mom’s, who are looking for fitness tips

Are you an exhausted mother who runs around the house with children to ready them for school, doing multi- tasking house work, running out for work and finally the day ends with no time left for yourself?

Well, they say life of a mother is like a roller coaster, when one child falls sick, naturally you will spend several weeks of sleepless nights and on the other extreme, when your child have won a special achievement you make sure you manage to get off work to attend the award ceremony to give your child a big applaud. With all this, have you spent time for yourself? Well, no isn’t it. It shouldn’t be the case; you need to think of personal grooming and fitness which is important to enhance your personality. You should first be fit to win over the family challenges, you need to plan your day mentally and physically and be determined that you can do it.

Here are some tips to solve your issues during tough times when sleep is not seen around the corner and exhaustion is the word of the day:

Take one step at a time; you need not be a perfectionist. If you feel tired of working out and enough for the day, leave a pause and continue the rest the following day. If you normally do 5 times of workouts a week, limiting for 3 is alright with the other commitments you have in hand.

Plan out your workouts and be gracious with yourself and be flexible with your fitness. Work out when you can and rest when you can, be flexible.

Do what you can, If you think you are too exhausted or not fit to exercise focus on doing what you can do. Doing workouts for at least 10 minutes is worthwhile than doing nothing.

If you fall sick make sure you hold on for a couple of days until you get back in your fitness track. Holding steady during this time is the key to being able to pick up where you left off.

Make sure you have a good balanced diet every day and also have enough rest at the same time. Just as much effort you put in doing workouts, give priority for healthy diet and adequate rest.

Cardio makes you feel better: Remember a 20 minute walk or run will make you feel better, increasing you immunity, your energy level, reduce your stress level, and help you sleep better.

Being a mom is the most challenging task for a woman, managing house work, corporate life, kids work will give nothing but a very tiring outcome at the end of the day. To be successful in achieving all these tasks, being a fit mom is the key secret. Fitness can give you endurance and strength. Remember that life isn’t perfect and your fitness plan needs to be flexible as well as focused even during illness.