Three reasons running gets the better of ‘her’

I know running is not your favorite option; you don’t have to tell me, I have had my fair share of excuses to get out from a jog. I used to justify myself when I hail a ‘Tuk’ to go to the nearby supermarket. “I don’t have the time”, I get plenty of exercise walking up and down the house” should sound familiar to you.

After a few weeks of badgering from my friends and family and the desire to fit into my old saree jacket I took a chance to try out running.

What can I say, it feels fabulous. It’s been months into my routine running in the park, and I can’t help but wonder at how much happier I am than the woman who was complaining about walking to the supermarket.

Introducing ‘Her’

Remember when I said I used to justify taking a ‘Tuk’ to the nearby super market? Remember the woman who thought walking around the house was sufficient? That is ‘her’.

I admit: I don’t look a whole lot different than what I was, although I have lost a bit of weight it takes a lot more for it to show. These are just physical factors. It is the change it had made on my mind that is astounding. I happier and more active and my temper have greatly improved.

How to keep it up

Don’t overestimate yourself. For anyone to keep doing something, a bit of motivation is absolutely necessary. The best motivator is progress. For you to recognize progress you need to start small. Target running small distances at first, then gradually increase. You will see running longer distances are no longer trying. Now that is motivation.

The happy pill

Every day would not be a good day. Sometimes your run would be exhausting and would literally hurt. On other days your run would make you energetic and active. But overall you will feel healthy, relaxed and that is your happy pill.

Building up your strength.

our progress and experiencing it is the best accomplishment anyone can ever ask for. But it is no joy ride. It has its ups and its downs like everything in life. There have been times when I literally wanted to crawl back into bed and snuggle under the cover with a nice book. I have felt the need to give up. There have been times before when I gave up running to fall back on my decadent life style. These times will come; you need to be strong enough to overlook it.

I say this because what you feel when you see that you have lost at least a bit of weight or fitting into that tight red dress you gave up on, that will help you be strong enough to carry on.

Don’t forget to look at how much more efficient you have become, I personally have become more active, I am calm and I am more confident.