Are you figure conscious, but being a mom have given you limited time for yourself? If so, you might have to check this out: HOME GYM!

Productive use and a well balance of time is very important when it comes to being a mom and a happy housewife. Simply time becomes her best friend. One of the many challenges of getting into the habit of a fitness lifestyle is finding the time to work out. Some women go to the gym, which offer great programs, access to personal trainers, and the latest in what’s new in fitness. But have you got the time to pack your stuff, organize thigs at home at go to the gym with peace in mind, is the question. However with the busy schedule you have at home, you can make use of your home gym. Home gyms can be expensive but if you are creative you can design a space that is inspirational, convenient, and a lot less expensive than you think. Here is how you can start:

First and foremosthave a pair of running shoes, can do wonders does wonders for your figure! So, get those shoes on and step out and workout.

Use your body weight to get in shape, push-ups, sit-ups all those elementary exercises do a great job.

If you shop for groceries and rations, make sure you take all of them up to your house and into the kitchen, carrying your goods home will do a good exercise.

You can use water filled bottles of about 2 liters as weights helps shape your hands while you do the rest of the exercises to the other parts of your body.

Why not buy some equipment’s under your budget? I am sure you have friends and relatives who have purchased machines and not taken to use. Ask them if you can use them or buy them at half the price, it’s worth it!

A great way to buy weights, treadmills, stair steppers and elliptical is by referring to the sales ads on local newspapers. Start being on the lookout for exercise equipment and you might be surprised what you find and how cheap it costs!

Lastly, find a space in your home that can be delicately use as your home gym. It could be the corner of your living room, your basement, your garage, even your bedroom. And also build in motivation by taking your before photo and hang it on the wall, find pictures and quotes that motivate you and put them there too. Use your home gym to transform you mind as well as your body!