Adopt a fertile lifestyle & Break the rules, once in while

Adopt a fertile lifestyle

Infertility is a problem that is on the rise in many parts of the world and male infertility has been given more attention in recent years. If this is a concern of yours, consider making a few minor – but important – lifestyle changes before you rush off to see an expensive specialist.

The main problems in male infertility are sperm count, the mobility of the sperm produced and the quality of the sperm. Most cases of female infertility are caused by problems with ovulation. Without ovulation there are no eggs to be fertilized.

Alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and recreational drugs affect sperm count and ovulation. Using any of them can prevent you from becoming a parent.

A study conducted by the university of Surrey, UK, showed that couples with a previous history of infertility who made changes in their lifestyle, diet and took nutritional supplements had an 80 percent success rate.

You may find it difficult to quit smoking, cut out coffee and stop drinking, but by doing so you may find the easy answer to infertility.

Break the rules, once in while

Obsessing over food rules is bad for your happiness, and probably your health, too. Over the past few decades, dieting and worrying too much about nutrition has made us no healthier or slimmer; cultivating a relaxed attitude towards food is important. It is important to enjoy your food since this stimulates the secretion of saliva, which is essential for good digestion.

There will be special occasions when you will want to throw healthy eating rules out the window. What matters more are the habits that govern your eating on a typical day. “All things in moderation” is often said, but we should never forget the wise addendum, sometimes attributed to Oscar Wilde: “Including moderation.”