7 tips to sleep like a baby

In our busy life most of us take the time we have to sleep as something that could be over looked. I have met college students who go weeks without sleep chasing after the myth that they can catch up for lost sleep. News flash! You can’t! What’s more you need proper rest if you want to have healthy life in the long run.

1. Look out for yourself.

“Who has time for exercise?” A rhetorical question often asked by many. One of the best ways to have a good night’s sleep is make sure your body gets enough exercise. Yoga in the morning or a few stretching exercises in the night will allow your muscles to relax during bed time and in return you will be able to enjoy some well-deserved rest.

2. Let your inner clock tick.

We have all heard of this, your body has the ability to detect some of the natural timing according to the lighting that your body receives. If you have to constantly work under artificial light, make an opportunity to go out and absorb some sunlight, this way your body will be able to tell the difference between night and day.

3. Give-in to the dark

When it is finally time to go to bed, try to reduce your T.V time, or your time in front of the computer. This will obstruct the growth of melatonin, which is a sleep hormone that will allow you to get some sleep. Keep your bedroom dark it will help.

4. Use a bed

What else can you use? But try to avoid bringing al your daily work into your bedroom. If you have some work to do, try not to bring it to your bedroom.

5. Know the temperature

For us a cooler environment makes us sleep better. However not everyone is comfortable having their fans go at the highest speed or 21o on your Air condition. So find the right temperature that will help you sleep.

6. Use pleasant scents

Lavender essential oil or any other form of sweet-smelling natural essential oil can be used to help you ease into your sleep. Add a few drops of essential oil into our pillow. Apply a small amount on the back of your neck. The sweet-smelling aroma will help you have a good sleep.

7. Shut out the noise

Now you can’t stop all the noises you hear outside, those car honking and the Pizza cycles speeding past your house, those can’t be stopped. No amounts of complaints can get you the peace and quiet you need. The best possible alternative is a white noise generator. This maybe a slightly expensive option but you can also download white noise into your phone of music player listen to it while you sleep.

Some claim that the noise of the ceiling fan or a table fan can give you the effect that is desired.

Most of all it’s essential let yourself relax. Let yourself doze off.