6 Secrets of Women Who Never Get Sick

Imagine you living that amazing life without getting sick. You must be wondering if I am trying to pull your leg, well, it is actually possible. There are that lucky bunches of people who avoid the annoying cold and fever, but how do they do it? Simply they have worked on smart habits to protect them from traditional illnesses.

1.Have a set bedtime

It is important that you get enough sleep of 8 or more hours per night, since you are 3 times protected from getting that annoying cold compared to people who wake up in less than 7 hours. Biologically, night is the time your body repairs and regulates stress hormones that can lead vulnerability for infections

2. you’re colors

You would need to brush up on your eating habits if you’re a person who falls sick often. Including food rich in antioxidants like sweet potatoes, bell peppers rich in vitamin C, almonds rich in vitamin E and red grapes or red wine will help in repairing damaged cells resulting due to the fight against germs and bacteria. Moreover adding whole meals, fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins are also crucial for life strong and healthy.

3. Shape up your gut

All of us deal with the outside world, we meet people, shake hands, and congested passenger walk ways will all give you bad breath casing more germs and bacteria to enter your system. And it results making you fall sick, so what should you be doing to avoid falling ill? You need to make sure you are clean when you have spent a terrible time on the road or at work and this is also where your gut get involved. They say good bacteria can enhance your immune system. So you could go ahead in taking such a supplement prescribed by your doctor.

4.Wash at key times

Washing your hands is a key to reduce the times you fall sick, they say illnesses could be reduced by 15% to 50% if you remember to keep your hands washed. Importantly before every meal, after you return from a visit outside, before preparation of meals. It is advisable to scrub your hands at least 20 seconds with soap and water to make sure that you have won over germs and bacteria.

5. Have some quality time spent

Are you stressed with a personal or due to an issue at work? If so, catch up with a friend you can lean on it will give you a psychological consent. When you have conversed with the issue you will feel relieved and the chance of you falling sick is minimized too.

6.Say Om

Yoga is a medicinal physical exercise you could try since it is well known for strengthening of the functioning of the immune system. Regular yoga will help you avoid sicknesses and will keep you calm. It’s advisable to try classes with light yoga with deep breathing and meditation.