10 Symptoms of Cancer that you tend to overlook

Cancer has become so common all around us that sometimes we feel that the danger of this disease is overlooked. It is only when you are close enough to realize its horror that you think of cures for it.

It is quite obvious that the medical industry had made strides of development. They have found ways to keep cancer at bay. All these said and done, so many die from cancer every day.

The key is to identify cancer before it spreads out, prevention is always better than the cure.

1. Coughing too often

Now don’t run to the doctor every time you cough it can very easily be an allergic reaction or simply a cough. However if the cough is persistent then maybe you should consider going to the doctor. If you are a heavy smoker do not neglect it. It is always healthier to remember that even non- smokers can develop throat, larynx and lung cancer.

2. Getting thinner

It maybe your dream to get thinner without going on a diet; however it is always safer to consult a doctor.

3. Joint pains.

It may be a reaction to an unfamiliar exercise you tried, but if it happens frequently, it is time to see a doctor. One of the symptoms that cause bone cancer is joint pains. Splitting headaches can happen, some might claim it normal but frequent headaches need a better cure than Panadol, remember if you have constant abdominal pains or chest pains, you should have a checkup as it could be a sign of ovarian cancer or lung cancer

4. Feeling weak without a cause

This can be a sign of leukemia and should not be treated lightly.

5. Jaundice or pigments

These are common in children. However if it is seen on adults, it may be a sign of liver problems or liver cancer.

6. Mysterious spots.

Having your skin checked, if certain dark spots appear or when they start changing colour is a good idea. It could quite easily be skin cancer. Splotches on your skin can give quite an accurate diagnosis.

7. Pain in the eye

It can happen when you are tired but it can also be a sign of eye cancer. So if it persists please see a doctor.

8. Discolored discharges

If your underwear has remains of unknown dischargers of different colours and odors it needs to be checked, if you are bleeding outside your cycle, it may mean that you are in danger of having cervical cancer.

9. Gruff voice

our voice can be hoarse due to the swelling of your vocal glands, this too maybe a sign of cancer.

10. A loose stomach and bleeding

The above can be caused if your intestines are affected. Blood in your stools is never good.
These signs are alarming; however it does not mean you need to overreact every time you notice one of these symptoms, consulting a doctor would suffice.