Make your own tasty creamed eggs on toast

Have you tasted it? It tastes fabulous but takes a lot of patience. However it is a fairly cheap tasty meal that could be made using items from your nearest super market. The key to make a really tasty creamed egg is to make the sauce extremely creamy.

This is basically hard-boiled eggs chopped into small pieces; make your sauce extra smooth by adding butter- flour roux

Items that you need

  • Cooking pot

  • Ice

  • Frying pan

  • Butter

  • Whisk

  • Flour

  • Milk or cream

  • Salt and pepper

  • Eggs


It is quite obvious that you need to hard boil the eggs. To this well, a trick you can do is to completely cover the eggs with cold water, then put the pot on the stove and let the eggs boil. When the water starts bubbling up it is better to reduce heat to a medium high and let it foam down for around ten minutes.

Place the ice in a bowl of water and put the boiled eggs into it so as to cool it faster. Leave them there among the ice while you move your attention to the sauce.


Melt the preferred amount of butter in your pan over medium heat. It is important to know the exact amount of butter put in so make a note of it. Once the butter is completely melted add equal amounts of flour.

Stir the flour and egg continuously for few minutes so as to take out the flour like taste, if you prefer you can add a bit of colour. When adding milk, lower the heat and pour milk into the mixture while whisking it. Keep adding milk till it is nice and creamy. Next add enough salt and pepper to taste.

Now set the eggs on very low heat while you remove the shell off the eggs. Stir the mixture occasionally.

After that

For beginners, when removing the shell it is easiest to first crack the ends of the eggs and slowly peeling off the shell. Once it is done roughly cut the hard-boiled eggs into small pieces and add it into the mixture. Now stir it well.


Use your pop-up toaster. Toast a single slice for a single serving. Mount the piece of toast with the sauce before serving.

Consider these

  • Add some flavour into the sauce by mixing up a bit of cheese or some grounded herbs
  • Make it look richer and more elegant by adding a slice of cold meat, a piece of salmon or even a few slices of cucumber
  • No toast deserves its name without a bit of butter, so before adding the sauce butter-up the piece of toast.
  • Instead of bread toast, you can opt for a biscuit or even a nice bun.
  • Cooking involves making a few mistakes, so if the sauce had got overly thick you can make it creamy by adding more milk.