Having eggs for breakfast healthy or risky?

Who doesn’t enjoy a good half boiled egg?or some of those home-made fluffy scrambled eggs? Who can deny it? Eggs are the best for a good breakfast. However health specialists seem to change their minds about eggs day in and day out. As a result you find yourself sitting munching a bowl of oats with low fat milk. You may have suffered unnecessarily. Specialists have now claimed that a perfectly healthy person can eat up to four eggs a week.

  • Good gained by eggs

Despite what everyone says, it has been found out by experts that having an egg for breakfast can help in reducing weight. Its protein value helps in providing you a nourishing and a more filling meal. Strange as it is, it has also been found in by experts that having an egg for breakfast can reduce blood pressure levels.

  • Eggsand ailments

Despite what you think eating an egg is healthier for some people rather than taking a substitute to get the same amount of protein. It can involve in improving one’s cholesterol levels. Eating eggs might increase your good cholesterol while decreasing the bad type, and making the overall situation of cholesterol healthy. However this only applies for those who have guarded their health. It is perfectly alright for a healthy person to eat an egg a day.

  • Eggs shouldn’t be banned for everyone

It is the yolk that contains all of the cholesterol when it comes to eggs. Therefore eating egg whites or taking substitutes for eggs can help a person with a higher risk of for cholesterol or heart disease. A person who is suffering from Cholesterol, heart disease or Diabetes should limit their cholesterol levels to no less than 200 milligrams.

An egg usually has 186 milligrams of Cholesterol. Thus maintaining that tight 200 milligrams after eating eggs can be similar to a miracle and quite hard to maintain if you venture to be brave and have an egg. If you have none of the mentioned diseases, your target is to keep your cholesterol levels at 300 milligrams a day. So a single egg cannot harm you. However if you do so, you have to be careful with other food that contain Cholesterol.

  • Eat them healthy

Farm eggs by far are the healthiest type of eggs to eat. This is of course if your farm does not maintain chemically injecting the chickens to create artificial eggs. Farm eggs in its purest form will contain less cholesterol. It will contain more nutrients like Beta Carotene, Omega-3 fats, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Today in the market there are eggs that are infused with some of these nutrients like, Omega-3 eggs. Of course they are more expensive than farm eggs.
Whichever type of egg you have it is absolutely necessary for us to try to eat it in a healthy way. Yes it means losing the oil. Poachedeggs or hardboiled are the best to have.