Happiest marriages – 5 Habits of a man

5 habits of men in the happiest marriages:

1. Grooming

Do you remember what it was like to go on your first dates together? You probably put a lot of effort into making yourself as presentable as possible. Unfortunately, somewhere in the daily grind, men seem to lower their standard of physical presentation. It doesn’t have to be that way. I strongly recommend that you take pride in your appearance; don’t brush off grooming and hygiene like it doesn’t matter.

2. Cleaning

One of the first principles that my wife and I implemented in our marriage was that we would not go to bed with the house in disarray. It made for a restless night for me if the house wasn’t in order. To make sure our house was clean and neat, I always helped around the house. I have a habit of picking up after myself. If I see a need, I fulfill it. If there are dishes that need to be washed or put in the dishwasher, I do it without thinking. We’re in this together and we want our house to be comfortable. Amazingly, we’ve found that this simple habit helps us keep strife out of our home.

3. Attention

We’re living in a very distracted culture. Take a look around the restaurant the next time that you’re out. How many couples are looking at their phones rather than at each other? We are very connected, without being intimate. I’ve made it a habit to leave my phone off or on silent when I am with my wife. When we talk, I look at her and make eye contact. I listen and really engage in the conversation, regardless of what we’re talking about. I am blessed that my wife is one of the smartest people that I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a lot of really smart people). After 30-years of marriage, she is still intriguing to me.

4. Affection

Affection is emotional and physical attention. Giving affection is something that a man should be proactive in doing. Some men get out of the habit of the pursuing their wife. They allow their hands to become cold, their words become boring, and their heart to become hardened.
The happiest marriages are those who are very active and proactive in affection. Again, it gets better with age. The longer your marriage endures the more precious it becomes.

5. Religious life

I am not sure why it was difficult for me to start this habit but once I did, it brought us together closer than anything else. I want my prayer time with my wife to be authentic, private and intimate. I started preparing, having communion and praying with my wife when we set aside the Tithe to be paid to our church. It really has become one of our most cherished times together. We celebrate the goodness of God in our lives, for our families, and in the provision of our household. Prayer is a difference found in happy marriages.