You need to consider these top 6 ways women do to have gorgeous eyelashes.

The traditional saying, “the eyes of a woman speak the most emotions”, is a well-known statement you and I are familiar with. Today we see a lot of women using fake eyelashes to enhance the beauty of their eyes, but have you realized that there are ways how you could maintain them naturally? Well, the following tips will help you have great eyelashes:

They condition their lashes nightly with oils.

I am sure you would have heard the essence different oil’s give. The best oil compounds to aid in having thick, strong and lengthy eyelashes is by applying cold-pressed and unrefined oil such as marula or castor oil. Hence the castor oil will help make your lashes longer since it consists of fatty acids which will absorb into the roots of the lashes while circulating blood.

They use a lash growth serum.

Damages to your lashes could happen due to lack of moisture and poor maintenance. Usually your eyelash growth takes place between 30 to 60 days. Therefore if you have fragile and dry lashes they perhaps will fall prematurely since you have not given the needed effort to build strong and healthy lashes. In such cases application of a growth serum will help to get rid of the premature breakages.

They take biotin, a type of B vitamin.

Vitamins are important to keep certain parts of your body from hair, to nails, skin and teeth healthy. Biotin takes a vital hand since it helps in developing strong hair. If you are uncertain about the dosage you need to take in, it is advisable to meet your family doctor for directions.

They curl their lashes before applying mascara.

Make sure to use a good makeup remover and a good cleanser to make sure you have removed all your makeup for the next day. This is because in the case of remained mascara on your lashes, you will have problems for the next day causing the lashes to break at the point of curling them. It is advisable to curl your eyelashes in prior to the application of mascara where you could avoid the lashes sticking to each other.

They heat their eyelash curler with a blow-dryer.

Blow – drying your lash curler will help the curling to go with ease while holding the shape longer. Use a blow dryer to heat up the eyelash curler and leave it till it gets slightly cold and get started with the curling process.

An even more intense curl.

Compress the base of the lashes and tightly press the curler leaving it in position for a few seconds. Release it completely while compressing and moving the lashes up and turning the curler parallel to the ground. Hold it tight again and move the lash curler to the tip and give a final press turning the lash up.