Maintaining normal skin

This is the perfect, balanced skin – type. It has a healthy glow, with a fine texture and no open pores. It rarely develops spots or shiny areas. The truth is that it is actually quite rare to find a perfectly normal skin, especially because all skins tend to become slightly drier as you get older.

Special care for normal skin

Your main concern is to maintain normal skin, to keep it functioning well, and as a result of this let it continue the good job it’s already doing! It naturally has a good balance of oil and moisture levels. Your should include gently cleansing your skin to ensure surface grime and stale make- up are removed, and to prevent a build- up of sebum. Then you should boost moisture levels with moisturizer, to protect and pamper your skin.

  1. Always remove eye make-up carefully. Going to bed with your mascara still on can lead to sore, puffy eyes. Applying new make- up on top of old, stale make- up is unhygienic, too! Choose your cleanser according to whether you’re wearing ordinary or waterproof mascara.
  2. Splash your face with water, then massage in a gentle facial wash and work it up to a lather for about 30 seconds. It is a good idea to massage your skin lightly, because this will boost the supply of blood to the surface of your skin – which means a rosier complexion.
  3. Rinse with clear water until every soapy trace has been removed from your face. Then pat your face with a soft towel to absorb residual water from the surface of your skin. Don’t rub at your skin, especially around the eyes, as this can encourage wrinkling.
  4. Cool your skin with a refreshing toner. Again, avoid the delicate eye area as this can become more prone to dryness.
  5. Smooth your skin with moisturizing lotion. Dot on to your face, then massage in with your fingertips using light upward strokes. This leaves a protective film on the skin, so make- up can be easily applied and the moisture content is balanced.