Ladies,hear out what men find unattractive in you.

Women tend to notice every small off beam of another woman, from the hair and to makeup all the way to the outfit. How about men, will not men recognize an ill-groomed woman? Well, certainly they do, here are the eight:

1. Extreme hairstyles

Hairstyles that carry heavy volume will certainly look pretty when she walks into ballroom. Do you think she can win attention? Yes, only if a man likes to know in a hilarious way to beak the ice, how long did she take to do it? The secret is most men like long, loose, soft hair.

2. Masked faces

They say too much of something is not needed. Too much of foundation applied to cover discolorations will not look all that good. Do you like to look like a walking clay statue? Then avoid the overdoing part of makeup. No one should notice what you have applied, make a natural you.

3. Sticky eyelashes

Men love women’s eyes; they find it really attractive when they meet a woman “eye to eye”. So if you are planning to overdo your eyelashes this blinks a red light to you, apply quality mascara and use an eyelash brush to remove the excess.

4. Too much glitter

If you aren’t a makeup artist do what you know and make your trials during your leisure times. Getting ready for a party is certainly not the right time to play trial and error. If shiny shadows are not your practice, move to bringing a matte effect.

5. Yellow teeth and bad breath

This will not bring attractiveness to anyone; it is a personality factor you need to put in some extra effort to get rid of the problem. If you take in red wine, coffee, black tea heavily now it probably the best time to cut down on them. Make sure you use good whitening toothpaste and a sugar-free breaths spray to avoid bad breath.

6.Lack of body care

Men do notice all of it, unshaven legs, hands and armpits, dry/oily skin, cracked lips, poorly maintained nails is a serious turn – off. Grooming in public, applying moisturizer on your dry hands, lip balm etc. are not an attractive sign for men daily maintenance is essential since men have a 360 degree rotation fixed around you.

7.Dark lips

Make a wise choice of your range of lipsticks, lipsticks that do not show you are aged and lipsticks that enhance your personality. And use lip liners to colors similar to your lipstick. And make sure you apply a decent quantity, too much of it will end up coloring your teeth which will look awful when you are conversing.

8. Perfume overload

Too of perfume is not a good idea, expensive or cheap is not the problem, too much will overload so little the better. Sprays on your wrist, behind the ears, neck are adequate to give a decent odor.

Ladies, hear out what men find unattractive in you.