Is your hair falling out beyond expected? look out for 9 reasons why

1. You are not taking adequate vitamins.

Vitamin is an important compound you need to take in not only to have strong hair, but also for good nails and skin. Vitamins such as B12 and iron are all what you need to have that strong long hair.

2. You’re on certain medications.

Certain medicines you need to take in to cure from an illness could also be result in your hair falling unnecessarily. Pills taken for antidepressants and high blood pressure are few examples, for you to lose hair. You will certainly have to meet your family doctor to be informed of other illnesses where medications will result in losing hair.

3. You always wear your hair up into different hair styles

Pounding a lot of stress on your hair follicles is also another reason for you to lose hair. Having a loose hair will help you avoid losing hair without cause.

4. You excessively use hot tools.

If you are a heavy user of blow drying, hair ironing and hair curling on a daily basis, the chances of you losing hair is extremely high. Therefore to avoid it is advisable to use these hot tools with intervals, giving enough rest to have good and strong hairis important.

5. You dry your hair with a cotton towel.

Do you use fabrics that your hair finds uncomfortable? If so, place a red light and switch to using microfiber towels to dry your wet hair.

6. You’re really stressed.

Stress is a major reason for you to lose hair, when you have work and family matters to look into, the word stress overtakes your peace of mind. Therefore while balancing things off, make sure you take these 20 stress-busting foods to make sure your lovely hair is not being disturbed.

7. You just went through physical trauma.

Pregnancy is one reason you would experience a loss of hair calling it a physical trauma. You may notice the hair falling rate after about three months after giving birth. This is simply due to the shift in the hormones, sadly there is no fix to it, but it will be normal with time.

8. You dye your hair too often.

Are you the person who likes to try out new trendy hair colors whenever you see them on a television commercial or salon poster? If so your hair is on danger. Coloring/ tinting your hair on an occasional basis could be termed to be “alright”, however too much could be deadly for your hair.

9. You try to force out knots.

Be gentle when you combo your hair, you can do so when you always start from the bottom and move up. Don’t aggressively pull outknots; you will lose a lot when you pull from the root.