Don’t let your specs stand in your way

I remember a time when having to wear specs was literally a nightmare. No one thought it was cute and nerdy was definitely not cool. I even had friend who wore glasses that literally looked like the bottoms of glass bottles, and no, this was not the time of harry potter.

Thank god for us, the world has changed. You do not have to give up on eye makeup just because you wear specs. Here are a few tips to enjoy beautifying your eyes even though you have to cage them with your specs.

Those fancy frames in the market, full large and frameless it surely is the age of the many possibilities

Listen to your prescription, it’s the best instructor

It is actually quite hard to believe that your prescription for your eye sight can give you make up tips. Turns out it can. Most of the specked population of the world is nearsighted. This means you cannot see afar. If this is your condition then it is best you apply eye line or karjol on the edges of your eyelids, both top and bottom. This will make your eyes look bigger under your specs.

If you are far sighted then it’s time for eye shadow, use kajol to colour up your bottom edge of your eye chose a suitable none of eye shadow to make your eyes look smaller.

Use Eyecream

This is a hood idea if you have it with you. After using moisturizer and face wash, gently massage some eyecream around your eyes. This will help your eye make up to look brighter from behind the glasses.

Patch up those dark circles.

If you are an aging woman or a college student, you are more likely to have massive dark circles around your eyes. These become more prominent when you put on your specs. So use some foundation to cover up those dark circles.

Use less

Just because you wear specs and that most of the good work has to be screened to a lens doesn’t mean you should go ‘gaga’ on your eyes. Do not apply vibrant colours on your eyes unless you plan on joining the circus. Less is more. Go to a more simple elegant method of bringing out your eyes. A bit of karjol and mascara with a tinge of earthly coloured shadow will give you a fabulous look.

Pay attention to your brows

This is the only part of your eye that is less covered. So make those eyebrows work. You may opt for threading or plucking which will style up your brows and extenuate its beauty. Let it complement your eyes.

Waterproof Mascara.

This is not only used as a solution to keep the tears from spoiling all your eye makeup. Water proof mascara will help you loosen up those beautiful lashes without patching upon your glasses and creating a colossal mess under the fourth eye and it will magnify.