6 Hair Mistakes That Are Aging You

Just because you are aging you do not have to chop off your hair, put it in a tight bun or plait it into one. If your hairy is full and healthy keep it long or shaggy to show that you’ve got style.

Shorten your tresses.

It your hair had thinned out doesn’t wear it in that log plait. Shorten it so as to appear younger than you are

Chose an exciting Colour.

Just because you had black hair in your youth doesn’t mean you have to dye your hair in an unnatural black. The jet black hair will easily give away our age. Try mixing it up a little. Choose a shade that matches your complexion then add a few other shades on some of your locks so that your hair would look lovely and natural

Go for a lighter tone.

We are of darker skin, hence going for a colour tone that matches our complexion may seem like a bit common. Not only will it give you a lifeless look it will also make you grayer than you are. So go for a lighter brown that would put some life into your face

Work with the Gray.

You don’t need to let gray hair make you look older than you are. Avoid the yellow hair by all means, colour it, and avoid it. Do not allow gray strands to appear from nowhere. If your hair is more than fifty percent gray try going completely gray. Get hold of a blond dye that will help you seem like you are aging gracefully.

Style bold.

You need not bother too much about what others think of your hair. There will always be some who would disapprove if you walk out on an established trend. Take a chance, experiment. If layers are what you want, layer it. Don’t fuss about letting it down, you will look young and be young at heart.

If you think colouring your hair in a brighter shade, do so, you can always dye it again. Try looking at celebrities who are your age and how they wear their hair. Take Malini for an instance she does not bother about letting her hair down, and she still looks fabulous and half her age.

Bang your cut

Bangs are nice, works on so many levels. Try getting yourself a bang to the side. It will help you make your hair look fuller. Bangs with a nice bob may be a killer combination. Decide on an appropriate length for your bangs. If your hair is curly make sure you cut your bangs long so that it has enough space to curl. Long bangs would be more fashionable.

If you care to be bold enough you can venture to colour your fringe. You can use a different shade of the same colour you used for the rest of your hair or you can try a gray streak.