15 ways to have amazing nails

1. Cleanse your hands

This is a good practice even if your nails are not your main concern. However this also happens to be the first step of having amazing nails. Make sure your nails and the corners of your fingers are properly cleaned. Use a nail polish remover to remove the last dregs of your nail polish. (Usual acetone has been claimed to make your nails dry). Using a toothbrush to clean your finger nails is one of the most effective ways.

2. be gentle

Be gentle don’t use those pointy metal tools inside your nail cutter to dig out the dirt inside. This can cause wounds that lead to infection.

3. trim regularly

You might want them long, but it is necessary that you clip your nails every two weeks, so that it would remain healthy.

4. Length doesn’t matter.

Long nails are not for everyone. If you have experienced constant breakages of the nail, then it is better if you maintain a nice uniform short nail style. At least till you work on making your nails stronger.

5. Keep a file at hand.

Keep a nail file ready at hand. After a routine of wear and tear you can file out the rough bits.

6. Lay off the cuticles.

Cuticles are very important for nail health. Most of us try to scrape it off. The cuticle strengthens the nail and helps avoid bacterial growth.

7. Clean your tools.

Your tools need to be whipped clean and washed with soap and water. To be more careful you can wipe it clean with a bit of Dettol and keep it to dry. Always change your file once it is damaged.

9. The good doesn’t come cheap

Yes the cheap variety allows you to get nail polish, but it is necessary to steer away from polish that uses dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene that may damage your nails.

10. Give it a finish

Applying nail polish can be fun but it quickly becomes monotonous but don’t skip out on the lop coat, It gives the final finish and lasts longer. To avoid chipping add a coat every day.

11. Don’t frequent UV

UV nail treatment is the latest and the most convenient form of painting your nails. It is long-lasting. However the exposure to UV light for the drying process may harm your skin. Thus it’s best to use this method sparingly.

12. Let them breath.

You needn’t colour your nails every day. It is important to give your nails a little berating time to recover its natural glow.

13. moisturizer

Yes it’s weird, but using an oil to moisturizer your nails would help your nails retain its moisture and keep it healthy every night.

14. Use gloves

Toiling on your hand and knees are fine so long as you use gloves to protect your nails.

15. Eat healthy.

Include Vitamin E, fish oils and other proteins in your meals.