11 Ways to lengthen your locks

Did you ever want long hair like a Disney princess? Ever found yourself envying women in hair commercials? Well the following tips might interest you.

1.Don’t be afraid to trim

Yes, I know! cutting will not lengthen your hair; neither would it make your hair grow faster. However it will remove those split-ends that will help your hair grow longer without breakage while giving it an overall healthy shiny appearance.

2. Brush those natural oils to place

Yes, combing your hair before bed is tedious, but, take some time to use a bristle brush to comb your hair. Start at your scalp then run over your hair with the brush, it will distribute your hair’s natural oil.

3. Nourish your scalp.

For your hair to be healthy the roots of your hair and the scalp needs to be nourished. Cleanse it often use natural ingredients on your scalp like Aloverato massage your scalp. To check the health of your hair, do a root lift test. Get a section of your hair and check if the thickness is consistent till the very end.

4. Nourish from within

What you put on your hair is not the only thing that contributes for the hair you desire. You need to eat healthy. Eat more proteins like fish, beans, grams, spinach and other leaves.

5. Styling might not help.

Do not style too often. These heat emitting tools will only burn your hair causing it to fizz. Always use a heat protectant if you have to use styling tools.

6. Shampoo is not a need.

This does not mean that you do away with shampoo;experts suggest using shampoo two to three times a week is sufficient. Less shampoo will allow your natural oils to seep into the hair thus repairing it. Using shampoo sparingly will help reduce itching and dandruff caused by a surplus of natural oils.

7. Add more Vitamins.

You need to look for supplements that have biotin, Vitamin B and C or something that says it’s for hair and nails. Try this only if your diet doesn’t give you the vitamins necessary.

8. Opt for a cool bath.

Rinse your hair with cold water. Hot water may damage your hair.

9. say no to “cleanses.”

This is not very common here. However if you chance upon it, try to avoid it by all means. It will only deprive you with the nutrients you need.

10. Sleep like a lady.

Choose a silk pillowcase to sleep on.It will avoid all that unnecessary tangling and breaking of hair.

11. Observe your skin after using hair care products

Your hair might look beautiful but it doesn’t mean that the product has worked for you. Feel the skin after using the product, how it feels affects your hair. Make sure the product makes you feel hydrated and smooth not dry and bristly.

These methods will ensure you have a strong, long wealth of enviable hair.